First transnational meeting – Hévíz

Hévíz was the first station of the project with the participation of 25 youngsters and decision-makers from Hungary, Romania, Italy, Slovenia and Serbia. During the three-days programme, the main objective was that participants elaborate a policy recommendation about how to develop the city so that it can be more liveable for young people. In favour of it, on the first day, participants identified the weaknesses and strengths of their spa towns. They worked together in international groups to find the common point more easily.

On the second day the opinion of locals was the main focus point therefore the participants made interviews on the local market with entrepreneurs, elderly, decision-makers to understand the situation in Hévíz widely. The discovery of the city and thus further identification of strengths and weaknesses were enabled by a treasure hunting activity in the afternoon.

Based on participant’s experiences, the policy recommendation was prepared on the final day of the meeting. Main parts of it were to find solution to the migration of youth, lack of employment opportunities beside tourism, lack of Youth Council and other opportunities.

Beside the recommendation, there were workshops about the finalisation of alumni database and online survey, about possibilities for youth in the EU and the Youthpass certificate. The logo of the project was also chosen from 7 logo ideas prepared in local meetings by youngsters.

Making the international meeting more colourful and enjoyable young people launched a flashmob at the local market to draw attention to the project and to the importance of intergenerational dialogue. In order to get familiar with each other’s and especially with the Hungarian culture and gastronomy, an intercultural evening was organized with traditional dancers on the second day.

December 1, 2018